About us

The Blue Star Group employs a management team with 20 years of industry experience in asset acquisition and sale, banking, finance, operations, unsecured lending, collections, and recovery, dispute resolution, direct mail, debt management, inventory management, quality assurance, arbitration and litigation.

Blue Star’s executive team has extensive experience working for financial organizations.  Having managed in all facets of loan acquisition and credit, collections, operations, and customer service divisions, our team has the skills necessary to develop and execute solutions to all varieties of receivables management challenges.

Supporting receivable portfolios on the servicing front, Blue Star’s team has experience managing and maintaining more than 4 million consumer and commercial relationships and in excess of 5 billion dollars in assets.  Assets include consumer, small business and commercial loans, credit cards, bank lines, credit union accounts, automotive, utility, telecom, real estate, pay day loan, alarm, property rental, health care memberships, and private label products.

With a strong background in acquisition, disposition, operations, strategies, analytics, and industry contacts, our unique approach and creativity has enabled us to carve a niche in today’s market and find successful solutions to today’s collection challenges.